Of Perfection Restored: Chapter 4

Sorry, I've been gone for quite a while! Christmas things, etc.

Anyhoo, here's Chapter 4.

Chapter 4

I came to lying on the floor of a dimly-lit room. It contrasted the brightness of the day from which I had been pulled but moments – or was it hours – before. I assessed my surroundings and found them to be a satisfactory establishment, complete with barred windows and locked door.I wondered what these creatures could possibly want from me; I was soon to learn, for at that moment, I heard the bolt being slid back.The door opened, and I was finally able to see these creatures more closely. They were at least seven feet in height, and the tallest of them was about 8 foot five. I was surprised to see that they were equipped with much more sophisticated weapons than I expected of an obviously alien race. My mind was immediately drawn to my namesake's (Dr. Elwin Ransom) description of the hrossa of Malacandria, tall, almost otter-like in fur and colour, but their eyes had no glint of kindness. They glistened with hostility; I prayed that it was because of the novelty of my arrival.To my brief astonishment, a smaller creature stepped forward. Could he possibly be superior in rank to the others? If so, this would signify that this race valued brains more than brute strength. A glimmer of hope shone in my mind; could they really be rational creatures? If so, my future was either very bright, or quite dim indeed. Mercy is never quite as merciful as when it is irrational, and cruelty is never quite as cruel as when it is just and rational. I had half expected him to open his mouth and speak Old Solar, but it was of an aggravatingly different language altogether. It was my own.“I feel the need to ask you several questions, in the light of this rather serious situation; first of all, who are you? Secondly, may I ask how you got to this world? And finally, would you please explain how you were able to ruthlessly murder the pet of the Philosopher with those weak hands? What magic do you hold? ““That was three. Anyhow, I am Elwin the Wise, third in line from the Emperor-King. I came here by means of magic, and any other explanation is impossible to be given. I used no magic except that of my mind to kill that monster and I extend my most sincere condolences to the Philosopher for his loss. Let me explain why I did so; I came to this beautiful world, and like a fool I allowed myself to become one with it. When that brute destroyed it, I too felt destroyed. I thirsted for revenge.”“Methinks that the surname “Wise” befits you not, Elwin. We will discuss your case with the Philosopher. Meanwhile, we will convey you to different living quarters, which I hope will exceed your expectations.”“Please, I adjure you; extend my most sorrowful condolences to the Philosopher.”“I will consider”, replied the creature. He bowed slowly and, as he was leaving, he motioned his aides to take hold of me, and lead me away.

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