Chapter 3: Of Perfection Restored

I know I could make this so much better, but bear in mind that this is the rough draft.

Chapter 3

I woke at sunrise. The sky was filled with bright ribbons of red and orange, rosy-coloured wisps of cloud and bright sun beams. Marvelling at this for some moments, I thought back upon the events of the previous day; the death and regeneration of my world. I wondered at how many times this may have happened, how the terrible monster which killed the lovely heath became the rebirth of that countryside in the end.

A great creaking and groaning startled me out of my meditations; all of a sudden, a great crash that shattered the stillness roared above my head. Rubble and dust crashed about me, and I fell to the ground in terror, covering my face.

Peering through the clearing dust, I made out a huge shadow beyond. It came closer quite rapidly. With an earth-shaking clamour, whatever it was caught on the edge of the roof of my cave, and I gathered the courage to run for my life.

Out of my shelter-turned-death-trap, I turned to see that a massive anchor, probably 15 feet tall, had caught on the crag. The anchor was attached to a chain, which went up, up into the sky, and went straight into the strangest sight I had ever seen. It was a great ship, and it was floating in the clouds.
I barely had time to collect my thoughts when rope ladders fell to the ground and crowds of armed creatures, the like of which I had never seen, streamed down them like ants. They caught sight of me, shouted, and made for me as fast as they could. I fled in terror.

I felt like a hunted animal. I was. I fled for my life through the forest which had, but hours before, yielded such delights and wonders. The newly-birthed phoenixes cried out and scattered as I rushed by. I leapt the brook, and stumbled. Turning my head quickly, I saw that the creatures were almost upon me.

All it took was a tree-root. A little bit of exposed wood that cut the line between what was to me life or death. The beasts swarmed about me before I could continue my flight.

A flash of fur, a gleam of an eye, a shouting, screaming, tearing—

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